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Below you can find a summary of the free resources that you can access

Module 1 Virtual Job Placement  
Unit 1 The opportunities available to you
Unit 2 Identifying your keywords and useful information
Unit 3 Creating Social Media Posts
Unit 4 Creating Videos
Unit 5 Creating blog posts
Unit 6 Your personal website and next steps
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Module 1 CV Writing - Potential  
Unit 1 7 Reasons Why a CV is Important for Job Seekers
Unit 2 8 Qualities of Exceptional High-Standard CV Writing
Unit 3 3 Types of CVs
Unit 4 7 Step Layout of a Chronological CV
Unit 5 7 Step Layout of a Functional CV
Unit 6 3 Reasons Why a Combined CV is Most Appropriate
Unit 7 4 Important Things Employers Look For In a CV
Unit 8 CV Writing - Post Test
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Module 1 Freelancing in Gig Economy  
Unit 1 Creating your freelancing profile
Unit 2 3 Important Keys you should Know about the Gig Economy
Unit 3 3 Questions that will Help you Determine your Craft
Unit 4 3 Initial Steps to Build a Strong Portfolio
Unit 5 3 Freelancing Habits that are Critical to Success
Unit 6 2 Tactics to Determine your Service Pricing
Unit 7 5 Steps to Acquiring and Maintaining Clientele
Unit 8 5 Keys to Creating a Strong Upwork Profile
Unit 9 4 Financial Moves that you Should make to Stay Ahead
Unit 10 Freelancing in Gig Economy PostTest
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Pre-test Pre-test
Module 1 Overview about the programme
Module 2 SDG overview
Module 3 SDG challenges
Module 4 Understand the problem
Module 5 Come up with ideas for solutions
Module 6 Develop the best idea
Module 7 Evaluate and improve your solution
Module 8 Next steps
Post-test Post-test
Module 1 24minMarketing Module  
Unit 1 Marketing Plan
Unit 2 Organizing your Marketing Department
Unit 3 Digital Marketing Plan
Unit 4 5 Key Marketing Metrics that Actually Matter
Unit 5 Email Marketing Strategies
Unit 6 Social Media Results
Unit 7 Essential Search Engine Optimization Strategies
Unit 8 Content Marketing Superiority
Unit 9 Revenue Generation Models
Unit 10 3 Quick Tips To Succeed with Inbound Marketing
Unit 11 3 Tips on How to Run an Outbound Marketing Campaign
Unit 12 3 Reasons on Why you Need to Podcast
Unit 13 24 minute Marketing Posttest
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Module 1 Web Presence Checklist  
Unit 1 Items Needed
Unit 2 Website Content
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Module 1 Podcast  
Unit 1 Podcast PreTest
Unit 2 3 Reasons to Utilize the Powers of Podcasting
Unit 3 3 Different Podcasting Structures
Unit 4 3 Approaches that will Help you Determine your Podcast Focus
Unit 5 2 Interview Techniques that you can Utilize in your Podcast
Unit 6 3 Unique Ways to Gain Sponsorship for your Podcast
Unit 7 2 Benefits of Connecting your Podcast with your Other Platforms
Unit 8 4 Ways to Increase Podcast Popularity
Unit 9 5 Essential Podcasting Tools that you Should Know about
Unit 10 Podcast PostTest
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Module 1 Starting a Blog Online  
Unit 1 Starting a Blog Online PreTest
Unit 2 5 Ways a Blog Can Improve Your Service
Unit 3 3 Ways to Create a Successful Blog
Unit 4 4 Tactics to Attracting Improved Readership
Unit 5 3 Steps to Portray Your Unique Story
Unit 6 3 Reasons to Maintain Blog Post Consistency
Unit 7 3 Choices to Make When Starting Your Blog
Unit 8 5 Steps to Getting Your Blog Started
Unit 9 12 Steps to Self-Hosting Your Blog
Unit 10 Starting a Blog Online PostTest
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Team Cards Flipper

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Information Technology, E-Commerce

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