Frequently Asked Questions

Is the programme totally free?

The programme is free of charge to all participants.

What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will run until the end of January.

Why should I register to this programme? What are the benefits for me or my idea?

Participants will benefit from great learning opportunities, through self service online training which will offer expert guidance on the process of presenting and submitting your idea. Webinars and workshops will also be held for you to enhance your learning further.

Who will be delivering the webinar sessions?

A combination of experts, from the various organisations, will take part and will interact with the submission teams on the webinars, through chat and voice.

I’ve never joined a webinar session before. How shall I start?

Joining a webinar session is very easy. You will be sent an email prior to every session with a detailed explanation about what to do. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the email and you’ll be part of the conversation.

Any special features that I need to have on my computer to be able to join the webinar sessions ?

You only need to have an internet connection (256K or higher), a headset and a microphone.

What if I missed a webinar or workshop session?

All sessions are recorded, so if you miss a session, you will always be able to watch it at a later time by opening the link sent to you and accessing the related content section.

Do you provide certificates at the end of the programme?

Yes, we will provide you with a certificate of participation once you complete the training course.

I’m not fluent in English; do you provide the programme material in any other language?

We provide programme materials in two languages: Arabic and English.

How can I know when the webinars and workshops are happening?

Check the timeline section on the website. As long as you are registered with the programme, you will also receive reminders and updates for all programme activities.

How do I know that my application has been submitted?

You need to complete the course and answer all the questions in order to submit your application.

How are the top 10 selected?

A judging panel will review each application and select the top 10 applications.

Do we need to attend all the webinars ?

It isn’t necessary, but we recommend that you attend the webinars.

If I submitted my business model, can I go back and edit my answers ?

You can go back any time to any section in order to continue/edit your application.