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Register today and tell us how your restaurant idea can benefit the city of Richmond and our community. In doing so, you can win 3 months of free rent and possible investment!

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The SAA | EVI Richmond Business Hub is looking to develop an inclusive emerging local culinary ecosystem in the city of Richmond to both enhance local economic development and ensure economic mobility among diverse communities.

We believe we can accomplish this through a combination of talent development, job placement, and attraction of high-potential businesses in industries with the greatest economic growth and potential.

The program is a place where local and bay area regional entrepreneurs gather to submit their ideas and explain why they should be part of the restaurant row in the downtown area and how Richmond will benefit from their business.

We want to develop medium sized, local enterprises because they are more financially sustainable, are people centric, and still hungry for growth. 4 selected submissions will be offered, on site training and a place in a pop up at the venue/co-biz as a tester for 3 months, where selected winners will get to be part of the new restaurant row in Richmond downtown.

Our aim is to unite regional entrepreneurs who are intent on creating businesses and tech that bring us closer together, in the City of Richmond.

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This program is open to all regional entrepreneurs of the city of Richmond who are currently running a restaurant business in the city of Richmond, have done so in the past 5 years or are a culinary industry graduate.

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