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The Entrepreneur's Journey

Below you can find a summary of the free resources that you can access

Module 1 SMEEP  
Unit 1 Overview about the program
Unit 2 Business Strategy
Unit 3 Innovative offer to increase sales
Unit 4 The online marketing campaign
Unit 5 Project Management
Unit 6 ICT setup
Unit 7 Company financials
Unit 8 Funding and Financing
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Module 1 24minMarketing Module  
Unit 2 Marketing Plan
Unit 3 Organizing your Marketing Department
Unit 4 Digital Marketing Plan
Unit 5 5 Key Marketing Metrics that Actually Matter
Unit 6 Email Marketing Strategies
Unit 7 Social Media Results
Unit 8 Essential Search Engine Optimization Strategies
Unit 9 Content Marketing Superiority
Unit 10 Revenue Generation Models
Unit 11 3 Quick Tips To Succeed with Inbound Marketing
Unit 12 3 Tips on How to Run an Outbound Marketing Campaign
Unit 13 3 Reasons on Why you Need to Podcast
Unit 14 24 minute Marketing Posttest
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Module 1 Online presence  
Unit 1 Above the fold
Unit 2 Conveying your credibility
Unit 3 Your offering
Unit 4 Your branding
Module 1 Virtual Job Placement  
Unit 1 Identifying your keywords and useful information
Unit 2 Creating Social Media Posts
Unit 3 Creating Videos
Unit 4 Creating blog posts
Module 1 Managing your Cash Flow  
Unit 1 Managing your Cash Flow Pretest
Unit 2 5 Tips for Getting Paid Quickly
Unit 3 5 Steps for Managing your Cash Flow
Unit 4 5 Ways in which Business Cards Offer Better Advantages than Checks
Unit 5 7 Reasons Why you should Prepare a Cash Flow Projection
Unit 6 3 Essential Sections of a Cash Flow Statement
Unit 7 Managing your Cash Flow Posttest
Module 1 Negotiation Skills  
Unit 1 Negotiation Skills PreTest
Unit 2 5 Ways Negotiation Enhances Any Discussion
Unit 3 5 Pillars a Negotiation can’t Work Without
Unit 4 5 Big NOs to Avoid During Negotiation
Unit 5 5 Body Language Hacks to Improve your Negotiation Skills
Unit 6 4 Traps to Escape During a Negotiation
Unit 7 4 Steps to Handle Negotiation Anxiety
Unit 8 Negotiation Skills PostTest
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Module 1 Starting a Blog Online  
Unit 1 Starting a Blog Online PreTest
Unit 2 5 Ways a Blog Can Improve Your Service
Unit 3 3 Ways to Create a Successful Blog
Unit 4 4 Tactics to Attracting Improved Readership
Unit 5 3 Steps to Portray Your Unique Story
Unit 6 3 Reasons to Maintain Blog Post Consistency
Unit 7 3 Choices to Make When Starting Your Blog
Unit 8 5 Steps to Getting Your Blog Started
Unit 9 12 Steps to Self-Hosting Your Blog
Unit 10 Starting a Blog Online PostTest
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Module 1 24minSales  
Unit 1 24 Minute Sales Pretest
Unit 2 Program Overview
Unit 3 Essential Sales Skills
Unit 4 Offerings Benefits
Unit 5 Segment Your Clients
Unit 6 Sales Funnel Stages
Unit 7 Gaining Prospects
Unit 8 Sales Qualifications
Unit 9 Winning Proposals
Unit 10 Closing your Sale
Unit 11 Project Management
Unit 12 24 minute Sales Posttest
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Module 1 24 minute Accounting  
Unit 1 24 Minute Accounting Pretest
Unit 2 24 minute Accounting Course Overview
Unit 3 Accounting Department Structure
Unit 4 Which Accounting System to Use?
Unit 5 Accounting Concepts
Unit 6 Double Entry Principle
Unit 7 Accounting Cycle
Unit 8 Chart of Accounts
Unit 9 Recognition of Revenue
Unit 10 Accounting for Inventories
Unit 11 Accounting for Fixed Assets
Unit 12 Income Statement
Unit 13 Balance Sheet
Unit 14 Auditing for your Business
Unit 15 24 minute Accounting Posttest
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Module 1 Podcast  
Unit 1 Podcast PreTest
Unit 2 3 Reasons to Utilize the Powers of Podcasting
Unit 3 3 Different Podcasting Structures
Unit 4 3 Approaches that will Help you Determine your Podcast Focus
Unit 5 2 Interview Techniques that you can Utilize in your Podcast
Unit 6 3 Unique Ways to Gain Sponsorship for your Podcast
Unit 7 2 Benefits of Connecting your Podcast with your Other Platforms
Unit 8 4 Ways to Increase Podcast Popularity
Unit 9 5 Essential Podcasting Tools that you Should Know about
Unit 10 Podcast PostTest
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Module 1 Funding and Investment  
Unit 1 Define your Customer Segments
Unit 2 Define your Value Proposition
Unit 3 Channel Strategies
Unit 4 Customer Relationship Types
Unit 5 Key Revenue Streams
Unit 6 Key Resource Types
Unit 7 Key Activities your Business Engages in
Unit 8 Key Partnerships
Unit 9 Important Cost Structures

Sample Program Content

Check the samples of webinars, articles, videos, downloadable templates, and other resources
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Webinar Title
5:00 PM / GST - UAE time
Business Trends to Watch
5:00 PM / GST - UAE time
What Investors Look For When Investing
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Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide
Read more
Card image cap
5 Important Reasons Why Teamwork Matters!
Read more

4 Steps to Help in Developing your Next Innovation

5 Reasons Why Effective Teamwork is Important for all Organisations

Special SME Offers

We have put together SME specific offers that you have access to once you register and gain points. Collect the discount coupon at the end of the relevant courses to avail special offers.

Volunteers Program
Create your Personal Brand and Leverage your Profile

Starting at $50 per month

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Volunteers Program
Customized PR packages to promote your SME

Starting from 100$

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Volunteers Program
E-Commerce platform, content and sample marketing campaign

Starting at $40 per month

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Volunteers Program
External Audit Services / Statutory Audit Services

Starting from $1,200 per year

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Volunteers Program
Future job skills 20 course bundle and (LMS) dashboard

Starting at $1 per user per month

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Volunteers Program
Google My Business listing and verification + 27 other directories.

Starting from $99

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Volunteers Program
Launch your marketing campaign to generate leads

Starting at $50 per month

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Volunteers Program
Legal and Project Management essential document templates

10$ after registration

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Program Experts

As you learn, you gain points giving you a free one on one consulting and coaching session
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Team Cards Flipper

Ahmed Alsuleimani

Training, Instructional Design, Management

Team Cards Flipper

Albert Jose

Finance, Auditing, Tax

Team Cards Flipper

Kirsten Westholter

Design Thinking, Business Transformation, Strategy

Team Cards Flipper

Nader Elawar

Security Consultancy to ensure your Protection

Team Cards Flipper

Nika Sturm

Productivity / Collaboration, Change Management

Team Cards Flipper

Samer Hamadeh

Product Development, Strategy, Business Development

Team Cards Flipper

Sawsan Abbasy

Coach, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Team Cards Flipper

Tony Feghali

Strategy, Leadership, Sales

Team Cards Flipper

Umair Azhar

Insurance, Financials

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