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Hadafi, the free women entrepreneurship program, aims to empower women across the MENA region by providing better access to entrepreneurial resources, training, finance, media coverage and support for women who want to startup or have started up their business in the past 2 years.
History: Launched in 2013 in Saudi Arabia, Hadafi has been supporting more than 100,000 women across the Middle East and North Africa. The program has been providing participants with firsthand experience from successful entrepreneurs in order to help turn their passion into a real business.


Hadafi is open to all women who match the following criteria :

  • Located in Middle East and North Africa

  • Aged 18 Years and Above

  • Who have a business idea and want to startup or have started up their business in the past 2 years

Free Courses

Participants in our community programs get 100% off our selection of in-depth courses. You will get your coupon after registering for the program

Creative Thinking
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Social Media for Business
$9.99 - Free Upon Registration
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Innovation Design Thinking
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Previous Program Partners

Additional Resources

We bring to you inspiring stories of successful women entrepreneurs!

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